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The Hearing World

Case Study


The Hearing World was a new concept boutique hearing clinic set in London. They cater to individuals of all ages, but mainly focused on the elderly with hearing problems. They launched premium quality services for their local community providing appointments at the clinic and home visits.

The problem

As with any new local business on a high street, getting awareness about the newly established business was necessary. They had few people coming in due to their local location and few people interacting with their online presence (website and social media).

The solution

We built an online presence and strategy for the client and started to grow their awareness. With our direct marketing campaigns they received several interested individuals per day. Their sales started to grow as the centre received more recognition and an increasing number of people were registering interest through our online campaigns. The centre has now grown successfully with plans to open new branches in the UK and UAE all in under one year of operations.


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