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Inspire Academy

Case Study


Inspire Education Academy is a supplementary school founded in 2018. They provide both traditional and online classes to students of all key stages. They are based in London UK and are now advertising with us internationally.

The Problem

Our client wanted to grow their business in a sustainable way to achieve their Year on Year goals set by the executives. They faced challenges growing their business fast enough to be in line with their targets. They also found that some of the traditional methods of marketing used before were producing very slow results and were looking to fix this. Inspire Education Academy had a lot of manual procedures for new customers and prospective students. They did not use any software to manage their business from Sales to After Sales Service. Finally, they saw their top competitors start to align their marketing and redesign their services to the digital space.

The Solution

Our strategy team at BMM spent the first couple of meetings learning about the current services, size of the online school and providing training on digital transformation. We helped the client realise how slight tweaks in line with digital transformation can lead to exponential growth online. With the services ready, we focused heavily on content and then initiated campaigns. In less than a month the online school was growing in healthy numbers that the client could manage and were going to meet their strategic growth goal for that year. All of this was achieved with a cloud based software that allowed them to manage their incoming enquiries and all the rest of the communication with their customers using this platform. Their work is now streamlined and they are ready for growing globally.


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