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Al Isharah Deaf Services UK

Case Study


Al Isharah is a registered charity under the Charity Commission in England and Wales. They serve the deaf community. They have very unique programmes for deaf children and adults across the globe. Their physical presence in London expands across the UK through their online presence.

They have a loyal donor community around their centre and those connected to its services and their friends and family.

The problem

Al Isharah UK faced challenges with attracting a steady number of new donors. They also lacked awareness overseas, not many knew about their services internationally. Their online income was a small proportion of their total income that came mostly from existing donors. They wanted to grow awareness nationwide and beyond. They want to grow their new donor acquisition per month and retain their donors.

The solution

In our strategy sessions with the client we identified their hero campaign that we could use to get instant donations for and attract people to the amazing impact they are having on the deaf communities they serve. We took this campaign to target audiences in the UK first and quickly tested the US, Canada, UAE and Malaysia. New donations from new donors from across the world started flooding in. A 3 times ROI was achieved during the peak season of donations for Al Isharah. Their annual income has grown and now they have campaigns running throughout the year beyond their peak season. Their online marketing is their main focus.


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